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Dr.Pr. Alberto Cei

Clinical Sport Psychologist

  He is a clinical sport psychologyst , he took his degree at the University of Rome.

  He has been consulting to corporations, sport professional teams and top level athletes since 1982.

   Alberto Cei made program of individual coaching too for managers of worldwide companies including automotive (Intier Group, Motrol Division), Telecommunication (Ericsson Lab Italy), and other Italian companies.He developed a specific approach to coach on the job the managers to cope with the changes, maintaining an effective management of their teams

In the last 20 years he worked with many Olympic medallists of different sports (volleyball, shooting, sailing, canoeing, fencing) football and volleyball professional teams and top level referees. He has been consultant for the Italian National Olympic Committee for 20 years promoting tools to assess the Olympic athletes. He attended at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Sydney and Athens. At the international level he is accredited as one of the well known consultants for mental training of peak performers.

He has authors of several books, among these, Mental Training and Coaching alle Nuove Sfide, present specific programs to enhance the performances in pursuing the excellence in sport and business.

Giani Boldeanu

Life Coach

   He is a life coach, mental coach, fitness trainer and football intermediary.

   He has been interested in the mental coaching tools like- psychology, hypnosis, NLP, mental imagery, rehearsal since age of 16.

   A highly competent and enthusiastic professional with a proven ability to advice ,motivate and help footballers achieve their career goals.Giani has a good understanding of footballers needs and able to develop a practical and achievable mental training for them to reach their targets.

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Dr.Pr. Alun Jones


  Formerly an educator and researcher at the University of Manchester, Dr. Alun Jones is a UKCP registered psychotherapist with experience in varied areas of health care.

   Alun is member of the Council of Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis and Visiting Professor in psychotherapy at the Faculty of Health and Social Care, The University of Chester.

   He is also a consultant adult psychotherapist in the independent sector with an interest and experience  in applying  psychological principles to all areas of health care and currently elite sports management.

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