Robert Baceanu

 Robert Gabriel Baceanu is a junior born with all the qualities of a top modern player: strong and special character, native intelligence in the game, a special sense of goal, seriousness at high levels, willingness to sustain the effort, and a winning mentality.

 Robert Gabriel Baceanu is a player about whom we will surely hear superlative words in a few years. He is the type of player who can face high-level challenges, who fits the typology of the new generation of Romanian footballers who come (from behind) to WIN, not just to make (some) good results.

Robert Gabriel Baceanu is a player who is not only an option (from time to time) for the national youth teams but should be a constant presence.


Robert Baceanu

Place of birth: Braila, Romania

Nationality: Romanian


Position: Attack-Centre-Forward

Height:1,85 m

Favourite foot: left

Current club: FC Farul U19

Player agent: Giani Boldeanu

Robert Baceanu :

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